Admissions & Fees

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Academic Year 2016/17


AED500 per year (non refundable)

 Medical Fee

AED500 per year (non refundable)


Fees Per Term

8am to 12pm

2 Days — AED3,575

3 Days — AED4,565

4 Days — AED5,445

5 Days — AED6,325


8am to 1.30pm

2 Days — AED4,910

3 Days — AED6,270

4 Days — AED7,475

5 Days — AED8,690


8am to 3.30pm

2 Days — AED6,700

3 Days — AED8,560

4 Days — AED9,000

5 Days — AED9,500


Extra Days

8am to 12pm


8am to 1.30pm


 8am to 3.30pm



Additional Hours

From 12pm to 3.30pm

AED50 per hour


1. Please note that part time days are set and therefore cannot be changed for different days.

2. Fees, once paid are non-refundable and none-transferable.

3. Unfortunately, the nursery cannot refund fees for absences including illness or Islamic and government holidays and unforeseen nursery closures.

4. Please be on time for your chosen pick up as there will be a penalty fee of AED50 for more than 10 minutes late.

5. Personal cheques are made payable to K Corcoran and J Barry

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